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The Health Coach Training Program™

Reframe what you know about health and wellness to live a fulfilling life in this comprehensive, integrated and dynamic program that includes content and activities related to holistic nutrition and lifestyle.

Chopra Coaching Certification

Discover a mind-body-spirit approach to coaching based in positive psychology, neuroscience, ancient wisdom traditions and Dr. Deepak Chopra's research and consciousness-based philosophies. Get the support, knowledge, and practice to become a well-trained coach ready to change lives.

Coaching Intensive Practicum 2.0

Set yourself up for greater success with advanced coaching skills while completing your education requirements to sit for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) board-certifying exam.

Chopra Meditation Certification

Confidently learn to share Primordial Sound Meditation, the meditation practice taught and developed by Deepak Chopra for over 20 years. Get access to the latest in meditation research, earn your Sound Healing Certification, and get access to an expansive toolkit of exclusive teaching and business resources.

Chopra Health Certification

Confidently learn to share Ayurvedic knowledge with others with an expansive toolkit of teacher resources including scripts, lesson plans, business essentials, and deeper wisdom from industry leaders.

Chopra Yoga 200-Hour Certification

Led by Deepak Chopra's yoga teacher, Sarah Finger, Chopra Yoga Certification incorporates Ayurveda, meditation, and the 7 Spiritual Laws into a transformational and unique program. Gain the skills and knowledge to live your own yoga and teach yoga to others.

Chopra Yoga Foundations

Explore the foundations of yoga for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced pros, all while learning about yoga's deeper meaning with Chopra Yoga Foundations.

Chopra Meditation Foundations

Move from stress to stillness with a personalized approach to meditation based on your unique time and place of birth. Explore meditation for beginners and experienced learners alike, all while Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation takes you closer to your true self—a place filled with joy, peace, and infinite possibilities.

Chopra Meditation Enrichment

The Chopra Meditation Program is designed to give you a well-rounded education in the mantra-based meditation practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, and a toolkit of practices to help you incorporate its powerful techniques into your life.

Hormone Health Course

From adrenal fatigue and high blood sugar to fertility concerns and thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances are at the root of many underlying issues. Learn to restore balance by making holistic shifts to your diet and lifestyle.

Gut Health Course

The gut is deeply connected to mental, physical, and emotional health. Learn how to listen to your body, address signs of inflammation and intolerances, and achieve balance in all areas of life through diet and lifestyle modifications.

Chopra Health Enrichment

Immerse yourself in Ayurvedic well-being through the Chopra Pillars of Health. With practical guidance on nutrition, movement, sleep, meditation, emotions, and self-care, this online Ayurveda course will help you to learn simple tips to align with nature and elevate your lifestyle.

Nutrition for Life

This introduction to nutrition course was designed with curated content from our Health Coach Training Program, empowering you to confidently navigate foundational nutrition science in order to identify a personalized approach to nutrition for life. 

Emotional Eating Course

Learn to honor your body and trust its cues by understanding what drives compulsive eating patterns, allowing you to find greater joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life and guide others to do the same.

Launch Your Dream Book

Tap into your creativity, hone your strengths, and tell your story to grow your career and earn money in new ways with our book writing course. Discover our step-by-step strategy to write, design, and self-publish your book. Both new and seasoned authors are welcome.

Detox Your Life

From nutrition and beauty to home and mind, learn to detox your life by reducing your exposure to everyday toxins. Develop an empowering, sustainable way of living that energizes you in body, mind, and spirit with rich and engaging content.

Chopra Health Foundations

Welcome to a personalized, preventative, and practical approach to health based on the ancient lifestyle science and principles of Ayurveda. Learn your unique mind-body constitution (or dosha), and discover how it influences your daily wellbeing.

Whole-Person Health

Through empowering expert content and real-life activities, be empowered to make sustainable changes in order to experience real personal transformation, resulting in you feeling healthier, stronger, more fulfilled, and more confident.


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